14 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant

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Depending on which survey you read, the Philippines is the consensus top premier destination for global outsourcing.

In a study published by the research engine Knowledgefaber in September 2013, the Philippines’ outsourcing services sector outgrew the former leader India despite the Indian Rupee having a significant advantage over the Philippine Peso.

The survey proved that the confidence of multinational companies on the Philippines’ ability to provide great service is the main reason why the country topped the list of the best country to outsource.

Although India is still the leader in the IT sector, The Philippines dominated the customer service and administrative jobs sector.

The following are the major reasons why Western entrepreneurs and companies employ Filipino virtual assistants, and why you should hire too.

Filipino virtual assistants’ traits and work ethics

The Philippines is a melting pot of many cultures and this is the big reason why Filipinos have different cultural traits and work ethics compatible with any Western country.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants are a perfect cultural fit

The Philippines was colonized by Spain, the United States, and Japan, with a major Chinese and Muslim population. 

The country also hosts a significant Middle-Eastern population including Israelis and Arabs.

As a result, its culture is a mixture of many different cultures that had been handed down to a number of generations.

Whether you are an American, British, Australian, Canadian, and even European, adding a Filipino virtual assistant to your team would be a great business and professional benefit.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants are sincere and respectful

The Philippines is a favorite destination for vloggers and travel bloggers.

According to many veteran vloggers, Filipinos are one of the most respectful people on Earth as evidence of using respectful words “po” and “opo” which has no direct translation to any other language.

Travelers ofter feel respected when they called “Sir” and “Ma’am” anywhere they go inside the country. Filipino virtual assistants have the same respect towards their virtual employers.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants are calm and enthusiastic

The Philippines is situated in “The Ring of Fire”, an area in the Pacific Ocean that has many volcanoes and is prone to a multitude of natural calamities.

Filipinos are calm and can be seen smiling even losing a house due to floods and typhoons. Filipinos are taught at an early age at home to be calm in times of pressure.

The same can be applied to Filipino virtual assistants. They always confront work pressures with calmness and enthusiasm, thus making every task easy.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants are cheerful and hardworking

Filipinos are one of the happiest people on Earth. This video of an Arab vlogger explains why Filipinos always smile.

If you are the employer, would you love to work with someone who always smiles and brings positive energy? Or would you rather work with someone who is very serious and like a robot?

  1. Filipino virtual assistants are good listeners and diligent

One of the main traits of Filipino virtual assistants is being a good listener.

This is because Filipinos have high English proficiency and they always wanted to hear the details of the job before working on it.

As a result, mistakes are being avoided.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants have common sense

The lack of common sense is a major problem when it comes to working remotely.

Unlike in an office setting where the superior or the employer is always around, working remotely need a high level of common sense.

Filipino virtual assistants are trained to be dependent and reliable. You don’t want to receive a Skype message from your VA asking a hollow or irrelevant question in the middle of the night.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants can understand you

No wonder why Filipinos have continuously been on the top list of Best Business English with a high proficiency score of 7.

This means they have the ability to lead business discussions and perform complex tasks.

A great amount of your time can be saved by giving clear and accurate instructions to your Filipino virtual assistant.

Filipino virtual assistants are not mind-readers but they can surely understand you when you are angry, lonely, or happy.

One of the most complicated aspects of the global economy is how to internationalize your business operations. Language and cultural barriers are always a major issue.

Since Filipinos are one of the most Westernized countries, language and cultural barriers are not a problem.

Hiring a Filipino VA could help you internationalize your business and even turn it into a global scale.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants are loyal

Your Filipino virtual assistant can stay in your company for 20 years or more. They are very loyal, especially if their employers treat them well.

They also value good relationships with their co-workers and this connection makes them more attached and devoted to the company they work for.

Filipinos practice a “debt of gratitude” principle which fuels their loyalty to someone who has shown them favor, even if it’s just a simple instance.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants have a positive disposition

One of the best qualities of Filipinos is always being positive and seeing the brighter side of life. May it be recovering from a natural disaster, financial problem, or a personal tragedy,

Filipinos manage to be joyful whatever their circumstances may be. Having said that, you don’t have to worry about your VA having his/her job affected by his/her personal issues.

Filipino virtual assistants’ skills, experience, and salary

  1. Filipino virtual assistants are no beginners in outsourcing

The Philippines is the leader in Business Process Outsourcing unsetting India several years ago.

Other countries might be starting to join the business of remote employment but the Philippines is a veteran in this sector.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants have a high level of English proficiency

The Philippine government gives high value and priority in education. The Philippines has more than 90 million English speakers and topped the lists of the best in Business English.

On top of this, Philippines English has a neutral accent which makes it more compatible whether you are American, Canadian, British, or Australian.

Filipino English accent is preferred by many American companies as evidenced by the booming BPO industry in the country.

Filipino virtual assistants are always capable of speaking high level of English and even writing quality articles.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants have high literacy and level of educational attainment

More than 95% of Filipino virtual assistants have college degree.

Be it in business, computer science, nursing, engineering, and even technical, a college degree in the Philippines is a primary tool to become a virtual assistant.

There might be some who didn’t finish college but expect these people to be well-equipped with a set of technical skills and solid years of experience.

  1. Filipino virtual assistants are multi-skilled

Most Filipino virtual assistants are multi-skilled. They can do general admin tasks, social media, writing, and even graphics.

But don’t expect your virtual assistant to do all of these as it may diminish one’s effectiveness when assigned with multiple and unconnected tasks.

It is always great to have a person who can do multitasking but having an expert in every field that we always suggest.

  1. Hiring a Filipino virtual assistant is just cost-effective

While competence, skills, and experience are the most vital qualification for a great virtual assistant, the cost is also a major factor that employers always consider.

This makes hiring Filipino virtual assistants ideal. In the Philippines, labor is inexpensive and worth it. This is the main reason why many businesses decide to outsource in the Philippines.

This way, you can optimize not only your processes but also your finances.

The money you save from low labor costs can be used in hiring more Filipino VAs to beef-up your operations.

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