Personalized Process

How it Works

Our Unique Personalized Process tailored just for You

Getting started with a virtual assistant for the first time? No worries.

Building trust, communication channels and mastering the art of task delegation are common concerns for all new clients.

Our Unique Client Success Team is always on hand to guide you and help you get started. We will be with you all the way to accompany you as your requirements evolve.


Contact Us

Contact us through our form. Make sure to provide all the details so it will be easier for us to figure out your needs. We will then respond to your email with a Google Form for you to fill-out so we can further identify your requirements.



Once we identify your needs, we will then send you a written contract.



We collect payments on a monthly basis through Paypal. Once you agree with the contract, we will send you an invoice for 1 month advance payment if we start at the beginning of the next month, or the remaining days of the month if we start in the middle of the current month.


Meet Your VA

Once payment is made, we will introduce you to your virtual assistant. We pick the best virtual assistant with experience based on your requirements.


Time Tracking & Reporting

We will give you access to the VA’s daily activities with screenshots.


Full Support

We will give you and your unique worker full support. Although we understand that you provide training for your worker, we also provide our own.

Get In Touch

Tell us what you need so we can work together