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Recruitment & Hiring

Why the Philippines?

The Philippines was named the world’s best country in business English proficiency, even beating the United States, according to a recent study by GlobalEnglish Corporation.

For 2018, results showed that from 76 represented countries worldwide, only the Philippines attained a score above 7.0, “a BEI (Business English proficiency) level within the range of a high proficiency that indicates an ability to take an active role in business discussions and perform relatively complex tasks.”

The Philippines, with the literacy rate of 94%, is also the fourth largest English speaking country in the world and produces almost 700,000 college graduates each year. The supply of well-trained and highly-experienced virtual assistants from this country is endless.

What are the benefits of using Unique Workers versus hiring a candidate directly by myself?

There is a huge advantage of using Unique Workers instead of hiring staff directly by yourself. Hiring and recruitment is a tedious process and when you don’t have experience dealing with a Filipino virtual assistant, the challenges are even bigger. We do all of these on your behalf.

Another reason is that we provide full government-mandated benefits to our regular virtual assistants so we can assure that they will give their best to our clients.

How Unique Workers find the best candidates?

Culture and experience is the key. Our recruitment team has years of experience in selecting only the best people to join our team. We are very meticulous considering that we always choose people who want to work with us for a very long time, thus we provide the required benefits to make them stay. Only very few virtual assistant agencies provide these benefits and we pride our company of being one.

What jobs can I delegate?

Any job that can be performed virtually can be delegated to Unique Workers staff. The shortlist include but not limited to data entry, bookkeeping and accounting, web and graphic design, programming, content and article writing, translation and transcription, audio and video editing, digital marketing, Amazon, eBay, and other online store management, customer support, email and calendar management, appointment setting, lead generation, search engine optimisation, and many more.

Do you provide virtual assistant service for project-based jobs?

Yes, we do project-based jobs and we have a special team that handles this category.

What time zone and hours will the staff work?

As the client, the work time zone depends on you. If you want your Unique Worker staff to work in your home country time zone, that’s fine.

How many hours per week do the staff work?

Unique Workers work a minimum of 10 hours per week and can work up to 40 hours per week. Staff are also available to work overtime, which is billed at the normal hourly rate. Since we are following the Philippine-government labour laws, there is a 169% additional overtime rate if you require your staff to work on Sundays.

Once I chose whom to hire, how soon the staff can start?

Give us 3 to 5 days to sign and return the Client Service Agreement. Once we are done with the payment setup, we will install the staff’s time tracking software so they are ready for their first shift.

What home office set-up a Unique Worker have?

All of our Unique Workers are required to have a quiet place to work, typically a separate room within their house. They also have a reliable wired Internet connection and an up-to-date computer system. We require our Unique Workers to have at least 10Mbps of Internet connection and a PC or Mac with at least 8GB of RAM.

What are the benefits of working from home?

It is not uncommon for commute times to last up to 2 hours in the Philippines. Working from home eliminates this wasted time and leads to a fresh mind at the beginning of each shift.

Do you provide a phone system for staff?

We do not provide a phone system for staff, but there are a number of VoIP phone services that can easily be set up.

Billing & Invoicing

How does the invoicing work?

Your first invoice is for the remaining workdays for that month. This must be paid prior to your staff’s start-date. On the 1st of each month, you will receive an invoice for 1 month in advance with adjustments for actual hours worked in the previous month. Your credit card will automatically be charged on the 5th of each month. As you can appreciate, it is very important that all contractors are paid on time.

What currency am I billed in?

UK clients are billed in GBP, while clients from the US, Australia, Canada, and the rest of the world are billed in US Dollars (USD).

What payment types do you accept?

We accept credit cards through Paypal. If you want to send us the payment through the bank, we can also accept bank transfers through Transferwise.

What if the employee is sick or wants to take holidays?

You are only required to pay for hours worked, as there is no obligation to pay sick days or holidays. However, if you would like to provide compensation to staff for time off, you are welcome to do so at your discretion. If your job is urgent, we always have extra experienced workers to take over the job while your VA is on leave.

What about Public Holidays?

It is up to you if you would like your staff to work during public holidays, but some staff may request time off during public holidays in the Philippines.

Managing Your Staff

What’s the best way to manage my offshore staff?

Maintain open lines of communication by treating your staff as though they are located in the same office and check in with them regularly. Establish regular team huddles to discuss your business goals and get your staff motivated.

What’s the best way to communicate with my staff?

There are many ways to connect with your staff but we strongly recommend the following:

  • WhatsApp for instant communication
  • Google Meet for video calls and conferencing. Our staff are allowed to use our company account to communicate with you
  • Skype as WhatsApp alternative
  • Slack if you want to incorporate your projects

Asana Project Management – best way to communicate with your staff while dealing with the tasks

How do I track staff activity?

We will provide you access to your staff’s activity on Timedoctor.

How do I know that staff are using their hours productively?

It is a requirement that all staff use our time-logging software which requires staff to log in at the start of each shift and log out when finished for the day. The software monitors your staff’s activity by taking a screenshot of their desktop every 10 minutes which are sent to you in a daily report. You may also check anytime by logging into your client account that we will provide.

How safe is my business with Unique Workers?

Although we give 100% assurance that our staff will not do anything wrong to jeopardise his/her job and our business, we suggest you only provide highly sensitive information when badly needed. As much as possible, do not provide login details to your financial accounts like banks, Paypal, credit cards, and other highly-sensitive personal information to your staff.

What if I want to replace my virtual assistant?

Please provide us a five (5) day written notice explaining everything why you want to replace your virtual assistant. This is to give us enough time to look for appropriate replacement if we don’t have available staff on standby.

What if I want to terminate a staff member?

Please provide us a three (3) day written notice explaining everything why you want to terminate a staff member.

How do I terminate my contract with you?

Contract termination is specified on your Client Service Agreement. You must provide us a written notice through email five (5) days before the date of termination. All unused funds will be returned to you.

What if I need to talk to you online or over the phone?

You can contact us first through our contact form or message us through WhatsApp and we will schedule a conference. Our managers are always available from 7:00am to 3:00pm UK time.

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