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Unique Workers Company Profile

We Are Unique Workers

We are a young company but our collective experience speaks otherwise.

Our story began in 2018. Back then we were working as virtual assistants.

Today, we are privileged to serve a growing number of clients and employ a team of highly-experienced and super loyal virtual assistants.

What is unique about Unique Workers

Unique Workers is the first and only non-office-based virtual assistant agency that values and recognises the needs of our employees.

This is where our foundation is laid.

After working for more than a decade as virtual assistants and having no benefits, we decided to take matters into our hands.

The lack of employee benefits is the major loyalty issue among virtual assistants.

By providing them with government-mandated benefits, they become more productive and loyal to our clients.

Unique Workers Mission

Our mission is to inspire our VAs whilst providing “unique” services to our clients.

Unique Workers Service

With years of experience in providing real estate remote services in the UK, we can always cope with the ever-challenging customer demands.

Our hard-working Filipino staff are second to none when it comes to expertise in dealing with the UK real estate market.

Our flagship service is an administrative assistant but we are also experienced in finance, sales and advertising, as well as in technical fields.

Unique Workers Legal

Unique Workers is operating under Palihog Ltd.

Palihog Ltd is a technology company registered in the Philippines and founded by two veteran virtual assistants and web developers.

Why use our Service

Hiring us will not only allow you to save a lot of money but also free a lot of your time, optimise your productivity, and expedite your business growth.

Contact us today and discover how our team of experts can help you and your business.

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